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Acerca del Autor-Editor 

Dr. Sergio Sánchez Cordero CD., MS


Odontología / Dentistry UNAM / México 1970-1974

New York University 1975-1978
1. Posgrado en Periodontología
2. Master of Science in Dentistry

NYU Class of 1978

Autor de artículos científicos en revistas Nacionales e Internacionales

Propietario e inventor titular en varias patentes en México y USA.


Edición 2021

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Edición (2021) Enero 2021

 Primera Edición 2012 (México) distribuida por el Autor.


2021 Edition 

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This is another published book by the author

‘Black Celestial Bodies’
The Story of Stories.
A Metaphor of Human Consciousness.

The following thought describes the cover of the ‘Black Celestial Bodies’  book. It shows an extraordinary interstelar photograph* taken by the Hubble Telescope of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

*Acknowledgment: D. Gouliermis, Max Planck Institut of Astronomy. Heidelberg. Under permission STScl Copyright support ISSUE=3335 PROJ=15:

‘…This beautiful starred heaven took 160,000 light years for the image to reach the earth; its constituent photons stayed virtually unchanged during their long journey until they finally go through our eyes; the retinal cells welcoming the cosmic light to another universe, the human brain. It is here where our consciousness dresses it with poetic thoughts and unravels its mysteries under the lens of science.’

US Copyright Office Reg TXu 1-998-729

This literary work opens and revolves around consciousness and  reveals itself through the following poetic thought of…


Ink-skating is a novel dynamic metaphor and verb, that the present author coined during the writing of this book. It helps us visualize and understand what human consciousness is all about…

This book is a tapestry of neuroscience, quantum physics and surrealism which together blend into a description of human consciousness. The poetic metaphor that starts the whole cascade of events, is  perceived as a couple of figure skaters. 

He represents the senses…and she represents imagination. Their skate-blades have become the tip of a fountain pen. Together they  ink-skate  on the white page expressing language, be it science, mathematics, literature, poetry, metaphores or music.

They dance to the rhythm, melody and harmony of language

Language, exteriorized or just thought, is the foremost expression of consciousness. 

First-ever photograph envisioning the ink-skating concept. 

Vancouver, Canada.  December 2018

US Copyright Office Reg PAu 3-827-650 (original orchestrated musical score)